Photograph in The Sunday Times food magazine: The Dish

Very excited to wake up on Sunday morning (Jan 8th 2017) to see one of my photographs in The Sunday Times food magazine: The Dish. Always great to see newspapers crediting photographers! 

This photograph was taken at Gosling and Guzman, a amazing little coffee shop in the heart of Norwich. I spent a morning with Hayley and José photographing their amazing coffee and the beautiful interiors of their shop. Everyone who leave this shop leaves happy :)

Chris Hopkins and Colin Dowdeswell with The Mozart Orchestra, Norwich, 3rd October 2015


Chris Hopkins (Pianist & Soloist) and Colin Dowdeswell (Conductor) in rehearsal for their concert with The Mozart Orchestra at St Andrews Hall, Norwich, 3rd October 2015.

Solidarity with Refugees March, London, 12th September 2015

Tens of thousands of people walked from Marble Arch to Westminster on Saturday 12th September, in support of refugees. Peaceful throughout, people of all ages joined together to chant and discuss politics. A few favourite banners were 'I have a bunk bed', 'Our home is your home', 'Shame on you Cameron', '20,000, are you joking?' and 'Party at my house?!'.

 The march ended in Parliament Square, where the main excitement was a speech from Jeremy Corbyn, who had just been elected as leader of the Labour party that morning. The speech by Corbyn was officially his first as leader of the Labour party, and there were chants of 'Jez we can, Jez we can'. 

MyFerryLink strike action cause delays of 6 hours at Port of Calais

Last night MyFerryLink caused delays of up to 6 hours by barricading their boats at the exit of the Port of Calais. Families were stranded, and vending machines ran out of basic snacks. Whilst families camped out in their cars, with little-to-no information as to what was actually going on, a thunderstorm battered down. Tensions were high.

Collaboration with artist Johanna Roeber - Rosendaal

The below photographs show this afternoon's process, in the final stages, of making three individually designed concertinas; for the artist Johanna Roeber - Rosendaal. 

Johanna is an artist whose exhibition is running from June 22nd - 27th 2015 at The Framers Gallery, Windmill Street, London. It will showcase some of her most recent sculptures. 

Shown on the concertina's are drawings Johanna drew on her iPad! They express the hopes, dreams and thoughts a woman may go through whilst pre-natal, during pregnancy, and post-natal. They also show how a man, and expectant father, may feel during the whole process. 

^ Hector and my pudding just couldn't resist making it to this blog post too!