Elephant and Castle regeneration

Yesterday we were given different briefs to photograph Elephant and Castle, to photograph them, edit the photographs and have them back to our tutor within a few hours. My brief was to 'Deliver 3 photographs that illustrate the area as being a place that is full of life, an excellent place to live, right in the heart of London, with excellent transport links, and where people from diverse backgrounds feel part of a vibrant and established community'. 

If you have stepped foot into Elephant and Castle before, then you will know that it isn't the nicest of areas. In fact, another of the briefs were to show how 'grotty' it was. The regeneration is taking place across the next few years, with old buildings being knocked down (Heygate estate) and new ones being built. 

Below are the three i produced. The first two showing off the greenery around the new buildings, and the last showing a plane in the sky - showing how Gatwick airport is under an hour away by easily accessible transport from Elephant and Castle.